Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter in Prague

I meant to post more frequently than I have been doing. Sorry about that.
So since last time it has changed from autumn to winter. This means that not so many tourists are here, which is a pity. Not only because I would love to get their bookings in my Prague Apartments (of course I would), but also because there are a lot of reasons for visiting Prague during the winter. Prices on accommodation in Prague are a lot lower, so guests can save a lot of money. But of course there are other reasons as well. All of December we have wonderful Christmas markets which give the city a nice and "christmassy" atmosphere. And of course it is a nice time to do some Christmas shopping. And for the shoppere, January and February are good as well, because then the shops have their annual vinter sales - and they are really good. Not rarely you can find saving on up to 70% or "buy 2 pay for 1" - and that kind of stuff. Really nice for shopaholics :-)
Last but not least, during the winter all the high quality cultural offers are to be found everywhere. I am not talking about all the second rate theatres and concerts aimed at tourists - but the real deal. Like the State Opera, the Ballet, the National Theatre, Laterna Magika, the Czech Philharmonics, Prague's Symphoni Orchestra etc. etc. And all of this at amazingly affordable prices. For instance, my favorite seat in the State Opera costs around 600 Czech Crowns (app. 22 Euros). That is next to nothing for such a beautiful experience!
So really - I hope Prague as a city will be better at marketing itself as a place where you could take your city break all year - because every season has its charm here, and the winter time should not be forgotten!

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