Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn in Prague

A lot of people don't realize it, but Prague is on the same degree of latitude as Paris - and we have a climate which resembles Paris as well. So you can probably imagine what "April in Prague" must be like :-)
This year the weather has been changing a lot. Last week and the week before we had some very beautiful days with lots of sunshine, a blue sky and temperatures which suggested that autumns was far, far away.
Well, it wasn't far away after all. Today it has been raining and everything is grey.
Still Prague is beautiful - even in this kind of weather, and all the inside activities are peaking. The opera, the theatres, the ballet, the concerts. Yes, some of this can also be enjoyed during the summer, but some of the better ensembles have 3-4 weeks off, and the "second-rate" activities aimed only at tourists thrive. Some of them are ok, some are good - but also some ar really not worth mentioning.
But this time of year all the biggies are back in full speed, and Prague really offers a lot!

Today I've been working with an offer for a large group which wants to come for 5 days next summer - obviously through and one of my other Danish websites, I also had a client for laser eye surgery, Lasik, through my site called This is not in any way close to the core of my business, but because I had the surgery done myself 1½ years ago and was very happy with it, I chose to offer it on the Danish market, where prices are 3 times as high as here - and the quality often not as good.
On my work these days is aimed at search engine optimization (SEO) which takes plenty of hours every week - especially working on relevant inlinks. But in the long run I hope it will pay off. Boring and timeconsuming, yes. But also my only chance of making it into a good business - especially because it is too boring and timeconsuming for a lot of people, who simply skip the process...

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